Earbuds Shaped Like Ducks, Flies and Pigs

Earbuds Shaped Like Ducks and Flies and Pigs

Ladybug In-Ear Headphones – that’s yesterday’s news. This new line of earbuds also allows you to listen to the music through a couple of ducks, two flies or a pair of pigs.

Select from an array of wacky styles, each compatible with devices with a standard 3.5 mm headphone socket like iPods, MP3 players and portable games and laptops.

They are made of plastic and measures about 1.25 inches on 45-inch long cord.

Earbuds Shaped Like Ladybugs and Pigs

You can get these weird Earbuds from the fredflare.com website for $15 a pop.

(Via Gizmodiva)

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    lol a fly in your ear

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