Doctor Who Dalek Digital Projection Alarm Clock

Doctor Who Dalek Digital Projection Alarm Clock

If you know what’s good for you, you will get up when this Doctor Who Dalek Digital Projection Alarm Clock goes off.   With his “Exterminate” Hover & Gun sound effects and projected alarm time, you know trouble is headed your way if you don’t move fast…and sadly, you probably won’t have the Doctor there to help you out.

Doctor Who Dalek Digital Projection Alarm Clock

  • Projects time, date or seconds depending upon mode selected
  • The clock will project the time when alarm sounds, or when demo button is pressed
  • Time can be displayed as 24hour clock or AM/PM
  • Plays “Exterminate” Hover & Gun sound effects
  • Speech indicators flash white
  • Base & time display glows blue
  • LCD screen

You can purchase the Doctor Who Dalek Digital Projection Alarm Clock at Firebox for £24.99  with free delivery.  Fans of Doctor Who will appreciate the Plush Talking TARDIS, Plush Talking Dalek, TARDIS Mug and TARDIS Wardrobe.

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  1. Hey we have a dalek alarm clock that I got over christmas and we finally got it set up thinking it was the right time and set to the right alarm settings. Anyways it didn’t go off this morning so we figured it might have just been set off the alarm. well tonight it went off and we don’t know how to actually shut it off.. it just keeps coming back on every 5-10 mins or so. Weirdly enough we never got an instruction manual and there is no link to find one online.. so were stuck with this insanely loud dalek clock and a sleeping baby in the next room. HELP! I don’t know how to work it!

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