Discovery Shooting Stars in My Room

Discovery Shooting Stars in My Room

Discovery Shooting Stars in My Room is a light projector that creates shooting stars that streak across your room. It creates a tranquil night scene in your bedroom to help you relax and fall asleep, while also providing shooting stars for you to wish upon. What could be more relaxing than to put your troubles out of your mind, knowing you wished upon a shooting star?

Light shows are also great for relaxing while listening to music, or for creating a party atmosphere when you have friends over. Discovery Shooting Stars in My Room is a great complement to other light shows such as the Star Theater Planetarium, R2-D2 Planetarium, Death Star Planetarium, Laser Star Projector, and Laser Light Show.

Make a wish on the Shooting Stars in My Room before you fall asleep! Bring the dazzling lights of the night sky into your room with this amazing shooting star projector. Watch as Shooting Stars in My Room streak across the ceiling from all directions. Includes glow-in-the-dark star stickers to create a complete night sky scene.

How much would unlimited shooting stars right in your room be worth to you? One hundred dollars? One thousand dollars? I have great news: Discovery Shooting Stars in My Room lists for $29.95 at But you won’t pay that price, because it is currently on sale for $24.99. But wait–there’s more! Until December 2, 2012 you can get an additional 45% off with Discovery Store Coupon Code CYBERWK. With the promo code Discovery Shooting Stars in My Room costs just$13.74!

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  1. I do this every nite with my son

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