10,000 Star Planetarium

10,000 Star Planetarium

We’ve seen a lot of planetarium gadgets lately, but never before as good looking as the 10,000 Star Planetarium ($130). It’s also said to be the “most advanced desktop planetarium available for home use”, capable of projecting a realistic image of the heavens with over 10,000 stars.

This is the most advanced desktop planetarium available for home use. Designed by the renowned Takayuki Ohio, who has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the builder of the worlds most advanced planetarium for exhibitions and museums, it projects a realistic image of the heavens, over 10,000 stars, as they appear without light pollution. It can accept one of two high-resolution image disks (one disk includes constellation drawings and the other displays the stars) that are illuminated by a bright LED built into the globe, and projected onto walls or ceilings by an optical-quality adjustable focus lens, providing a completely accurate view of the visible band of the Milky Way galaxy seen from the Northern hemisphere. The planetarium has a whisper-quiet motor that slowly simulates the turning of the earth by making the image projected move across a wall or ceiling. It can also randomly generate a simulated meteor that streaks across the ceiling. The projection angle can be adjusted to suit any room, and it has a timer that automatically turns off the unit after you fall asleep. Includes AC adapter. Ages 10 and up. 6 1/2″ Diam. globe with stand. (3 1/2 lbs.)


  1. that thing is COOL. maybe i would be able to identify other things in the night sky besides the dippers if i had one…

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