Digital Innovations Universal Video Game Timer

Digital Innovations Universal Video Game Timer

Every parent can probably remember a time when they tried to pry their little darling angels from the clutches of some favorite game or show, only to be made to feel like the bad guy just for doing the parenting thing. The Digital Innovations Universal Video Game Timer lets technology be the bad guy, saving you from many sleepless nights of remembering little Johnny clinging desperately to the computer as you dragged him towards his bed. Besides, children need to learn that technology can be used for evil as well as good.

Just install the timer onto your video game system, TV, computer, or other electronic device, set the time allowed for play time, and prepare for the screams when the time automatically shuts the power off to the device when the pre-selected time is reached. You can even be nice and set either a 10-minute or 1-minute warning so games in progress can be saved before the entertainment blackout occurs.

GameDR 60705-00 Universal Video Game Timer

Digital Innovations GameDR 60705-00 Universal Video Game Timer

  • Compatible with any plug-in video game system, TVs, computers or other electronic device
  • Time limits can be set to repeat every 24-hours
  • On/Off buttons allow player to start and stop their allotted time block (the game system powers down when off)
  • Rechargeable battery backup in case of a power outage or unplugging of device
  • Provides multiple warnings before shutdown
  • Suitable for any electronic device up to 600 Watts
  • Locks around plug with zip ties
  • Input: 120V ~ 60Hz
  • Output: 5A, 120V AC 60Hz

The Digital Innovations GameDR 60705-00 Universal Video Game Timer is available from $6.50 on

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  1. That is just cruel! I would have destroyed my parents if they had of put one of these on my console during my FF7 days 😛

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