Desktop Digger Paperweight

Desktop Digger Paperweight

Working at a desk all day can be tedious and sometimes you need fun inconspicuous pick-me-ups to play with. GeekAlerts has shown you things like the Road Sweeper and Zamboni Desk Vacuums in the past, and the Desktop Digger Paperweight should go nicely with that collection.

Chrome-plated and ready to roll, this little bulldozer will help take your mind off work or help take the work off your desk…just plow it away! The paperweight comes with a pencil, paperclips and sticky notes, making it a great office gift.

Desktop Bulldozer Paperweight

Bulldoze through tasks with this chrome-plated work machine, designed to help you move tough assignments right off your desk. German designer Herve Houplan’s executive Desktop Digger gets to the bottom of paper piles with a magnetic shovel for stowing paperclips (so you don’t have to dig for them), a pencil holder, sharpener, and sticky note dispenser. Plus, when you drag and release their friction motors you activate their mechanical charm and rev up your workday. It’s the ultimate desktop accessory for a constructive day at the office! Includes one pencil, five paperclips, pad of 80 yellow sticky notes, adjustable shovel.

When you need to clear your mind from all those spreadsheets and files, use the Desktop Digger Paperweight to push through the day. Available at Uncommon Goods for $56.

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