Darth Vader LEGO Star Wars Desk Lamp

Darth Vader LEGO Star Wars Desk Lamp

Combining the amazing power of Star Wars and LEGO, this Darth Vader LEGO Star Wars Desk Lamp is ready to light up your room with the power of the force.

The lightsaber lights up with 12 LED lights clasped in Darth Vader’s hand. The Vader LEGO minifig has moveable arms and legs, a rotatable head and a bendable torso just like a real minifig. His cape and helmet also come off.

This lamp uses 3 AA batteries, which come with it or you can just plug it into a USB port. It is an awesome geeky lamp for just $59.95 from Neatoshop. Also available at Amazon.com from $44.99 and for pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $49.99.

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Conner Flynn

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17 Responses to “Darth Vader LEGO Star Wars Desk Lamp”

  1. How do i put the cape on? I cant remove the head!

  2. You put the holes in the cape over his head button, then put the helmet on top. Some instructions would have been useful from Lego!

    • That seems like it would look quite janky and maybe tear the cape? I’m having issues with this myself. Is there really no way to take the head off? I don’t want to apply too much force, but still….

      • I have contacted the shop in Legoland and they comfirmed that you just have to pull hard to take the head off.
        Just like a normal Lego-figure.
        I succesfully now have the cape on Vader around the neck – at it looks right !


  4. Thanks!

    I was worried about breaking the lamp by pulling too hard, but the head actually popped out with no problem, and I was able to place the cape properly.

    Also, I had to use the force a bit more than I expected, when I put is helmet on, so the grey skin wouldn’t show, and when putting his hand (at first it fell off quite easily, then I had to push a little harder and popped in and it works just fine now)

  5. Is it easy to change the 12 led light bulb?

  6. Star Wars Forever!! Reply July 9, 2013 at 3:34 am

    Thanks everyone I just bought this for my bestie and he asked the same question! Never knew this would be a great gift for a 35 year old..now a complete Vader ..we used the Force ( thanks for tip). 🙂

  7. I have a problem to put battery in the figure, I tried to un-screw the screw, it loose but doesnt come out, anyone has same issue? thanks

    • I have a problem to put battery in the figure, I tried to un-screw the screw, it loose but doesnt come out, anyone has same issue? thanks

  8. Jason, when its unscrewed enough, use the screw driver to lift gently pry the plastic cover (the end with the screw in it)

  9. I have the batman one. Head does come off but it really does feel like it’s gonna break. Again instructions would of been good.

  10. AA batteries for f..k sake….

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