Curry Lovers’ Chutney Gift Pack

Curry Lovers' Chutney Gift Pack

I have never been a fan of curry or chutney, although I do find the second one rather amusing–mostly because of its name, rather than what it actually is. But if you know someone who’s into both of these, then you must definitely get them a Curry Lovers’ Chutney Gift Pack this holiday season.

The Curry Lovers’ Chutney Gift Pack contains two jars of chutney: one that’s for cheeky monkeys (just kidding, it’s banana chutney), and a peach-mango chutney. You’ve got to love food products from The Garlic Farm, who are also behind the Vampire Condiment Gift Pack.

Curry Lovers' Chutney Gift Pack

Curry Lovers’ Chutney Gift Pack

Fresh from the distant shores of the Isle of Wight comes the Curry Lovers’ Chutney Gift Pack. Yes, the apostrophe has mysteriously fallen off their packaging, but that’s not going to spoil the tantalising flavour of these spectacular preserves. They’re an absolute must for anyone with a taste for Indian cuisine.

Seasoned connoisseurs of pickles and preserves, the Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight have crafted these two versatile chutneys to accompany any curry dish. Spoon a generous dollop of Peach and Mango into your meal for a sweet and fruity twist, with more richness than your average mango chutney.

The Curry Lovers’ Chutney Gift Pack is available online from Firebox for £9.99 ($15.)

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