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Retro Pop Phone

The point of going wireless was to come up with a compact and portable device that will allow users to keep in touch without the bulk. But it comes with some inconveniences, and the one at the top of my list is that the phone unit gets more than just a little warm after prolonged use. A bluetooth headset is the usual, smart solution; the Pop Phone handset is the more quirky and colorful alternative.

The Pop Phone looks just like the receiver that you find on those telephones from the nineties. If your memory fails you, then you might want to take a look at some juiced-up and modernized phones that you can use with your smartphone like the iRetrofone Steampunk and the iPhone Cordless Handset.

Pop Phone

Pop Phone

  • Improved call comfort
  • Allows access to phone functions when making calls
  • Eliminates over 99% of absorbed phone radiation
  • Turn your tablet into a telephone via Skype or VOIP applications
  • Noise reduction system

Fortunately, all that’s about to change thanks to the technologically advanced but wonderfully retro Pop Phone. Simply plug this highly evocative hunk of soft-touch plastic into your iPhone (or iPad or laptop for VOIP/Skype calls) and you’ll be the envy/laughing stock of all those who encounter you. It’s even got an old-style curly wurly cable.

The Pop Phone is available for pre-order from Firebox for £24.99 ($40.)

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  1. I bought a nice red POP Phone, on impulse, when I first saw it at a Staples store. I paid full price ($30US)… I’m such a frugal person, but I absolutely love this little device. I’ve always wanted a red “Bat Phone” and now I feel like I have one. I use it a lot when I walk my dog, with my iPhone 4S in my coat pocket. I like that I can cradle the POP Phone between my shoulder and ear, but it is also very comfy to hold with gloves on in cold weather. I also find that my young children have an easier time holding a conversation while talking with this handset. I also appreciate that you can start/end calls with the button on the handle (though it sometimes gets punched accidentally). It’s also great to be able to access my phone (calendar, contacts, etc.) while on a call. Can you tell? I LOVE my red POP Phone Handset!!!

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