Cosmic Creatures Puzzle

Cosmic Creatures Puzzle

Sometimes the simplest game can be the most difficult.  Sure you have different levels to choose from, but does anybody ever brag about completing an easy level Sudoku?  With the Cosmic Creatures Puzzle, things start off easy but as you progress through the 8 levels and 107 different challenges, you might find yourself getting a little stressed.  If that happens, just remember that this is a brain training exercise; and if successful, the stress will be worth it and if not successful, well then you won’t even remember you played this game anyways.

Cosmic Creatures Puzzle

Created by the brainboxes behind the award-winning puzzle Lonpos 101, this self-contained, pocket-sized plaything contains 107 challenges designed to mangle different areas of your ever-shrinking noodle. Yikes!

  • Addictive puzzleCosmic Creatures Puzzle Game
  • Bright and colorful
  • Compact for travel
  • Brain training device
  • 107 different challenges
  • Cosmic Creature game plate
  • 12 Cosmic Creature Blocks
  • Cosmic Creature Instruction & Challenges booklet

You can purchase the Cosmic Creatures Puzzle on sale for 50% off at Firebox for £4.99 for with free delivery.  If you like games and puzzles, checkout the Rubik’s Mirror Blocks Cube and CLUE: The Office.

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