Canned Haminal Plush

Canned Haminal Plush

Are you looking for a cute and cuddly looking pet? One that lives in a small tin and doesn’t require anything but love? If so, this I bet you’ll love the Canned Haminal Plush. Doesn’t this little stuffed critter just speaks volumes with its huge black beady eyes?

The Canned Haminal Plush is an awesome little plush toy for people of all ages to enjoy. Just take him out out when you want to play and stuff him back in the container when you’re done.

Canned Haminal Plush

Canned Haminal Plush

Ever wonder where canned ham comes from and how come cold meat blocks are square shaped? Animation director, Crystal Chesney-Thompson noticed that a regular size pig won’t fit in a can and she succeeded to condense the cuteness of several ham-related animals; hamster, guinea pig and regular pig, to createHaminal, the ultra cute ham-animal, pig face but smaller, tastier, boneless and conveniently can shaped! This pink color canned plush sold out two years in a row at San Diego’s Comic Con, an annual convention visited by comic fans coming from all over the world.
This adorable cuddly toy comes canned in a plastic stackable box simulating a traditional cold ham can.

You can get your hands on one of these adorable Canned Haminal Plush toys from Curiosite for $16.37.

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  1. I will give you some of my animals for one haminal I love them so much you have a lot of them

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