Bye-5 Light Switch

The Bye-5 Light Switch definitely takes the cake for being one of the quirkiest and most creative light switches out there today. One thing that comes with being human is being a tad forgetful sometimes. Turning off the lights whenever I leave the room or my home is something I often forget, which translates to a lot of wasted energy.

So imagine if there were a hundred million other people like me who also forgot to switch off the lights every time they left the room.

So Da Deng‘s solution to this? Design a completely quirky light switch that’s hard to miss in the shape of a human hand that’s also made with material that resembles the texture of human skin. How much more human can this humane switch get?

Bye-5 Light Switch

A light switch that offers a “high five” as a nudge to people to turn off the light while leaving the room.

After a long day’s work, we may not pay attention to small things such as turning off the room light before leaving. Bye-5 is an light switch that intuitively reminds people to turn the light off by encouraging a “high-5′ interaction. The adorable hand-shaped look catches your attention, and the soft skin-like touch encourages a “high-5” hit, resulting in room light off, and it also activates a beautiful LED dim light in the “hand” guiding your leaving.

The Bye-5 is still a concept design for now, but I think it’s a totally cool idea and it would be great to see a company pick up on the design for commercial production.

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