Bianca Memo Holder

Bianca Memo Holder

Memos on your desk. Memos stuck on your wall. Memos on your computer monitor. Memos beside your tape dispenser. Memos falling to the floor. Memos are everywhere when you’re in a busy office environment. Misplaced and lost memos result in a lot of hassle (not to mention getting an earful from the boss for failing to do something), so why not make your life easier by getting the Bianca Memo Holder for your desk?

Not only is it functional, but it’s also definitely a sight to look at. Bianca is the hippopotamus that will change how you post and store away memos for good–and for the better.

Bianca Memo Holder

Think of a good name for a hippo, quick. What did you choose? Harry? Bertha? Giant Allan? Well you’d be wrong. Because the smartest Hippos are called Bianca. And to prove it, take a look at the Bianca Memo Holder.

A stylish way to hold your important reminders, this handy hippo would look great on your bedside table, by the front door, in the kitchen or on your desk. Bianca’s sprung jaws and metal teeth will be sure to keep your important memos in place – far better than any sticky note – and the raised holder in the back makes sure your blank notepaper is always clean and ready to use.

The Bianca Memo Holder is available from Firebox for £10.99.

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