Memo Pill Box

Pill Box for Alzheimer Patients

There are a lot of illnesses out there that require you to take your medicine in a timely fashion. Missing a dose isn’t always fatal, but forgetting to take your medicine regularly could become a serious problem.

There are a lot of pill boxes out there that remind you when it’s time to take your pills, but only the Memo Pill Box can tell you which one you need to.

Memo is a portable Pill box for alzheimer patients to remind them when and how many pills to take, thanks to an ingenious use of LEDs. A light with a specific color indicates the color of the box the patient has to take from. Traditionally, medications are divided up using standard trays separated by days but even some advanced patients have a hard time remember what day it is. Made of soft touch rubber, aluminum, a small circuit board, battery and LED lights.

Memo Pill Box

The Memo Pill Box is comprised of several removable layers. Different medication is supposed to go into each separate compartment. It comes with a software that the doctor can use to input what you need to take and when so you (or your loved one) swallows the right pill at the right time, every time.

The Memo Pill Box is a concept design by Jules Toulemonde, who estimates that the pill box would roughly cost $20 once made commercially. What do you think?

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