Beer Infused Ice Cream

Beer Infused Ice Cream Pints

This Beer Infused Ice Cream doesn’t contain any alcohol anymore although it’s infused with beer, since the alcohol itself was evaporated during the cooking process. Despite that fact, I doubt any parent would want their kids getting hooked on this frozen treat anytime soon.

Beer Infused Ice CreamThis Beer Infused Ice Cream is like a celebrity in the world of desserts: it’s been featured twice in the New York Times and is “served proudly in five star restaurants, Irish pubs and at backyard BBQ’s.” The ice cream is made with 16% butterfat cream and comes in four deliciously addictive flavors:

  • The Brewer’s Cow Black & Tan (made with Guinness)
  • The Brewer’s Cow Ten Penny Beer Nut Parfait (made with Ten Penny Ale)
  • The Brewer’s Cow Bavarian Beer Brittle (made with Samual Adams)
  • The Brewer’s Cow Chocolate Truffle Stout (made with Thomas Hooker)

A six pack of Beer Infused Ice Cream is priced at $67 and shipping anywhere in the United States (lower 48) is only $12 with a guarantee to be frozen.

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  1. Oh please…. beer ice-cream is nothing like Tiger beer sorbet from Island creamery in Singapore.

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