Beat It! Drumstick Chopsticks

Beat It! Drumstick Chopsticks

The moment I saw these drumsticks chopsticks, Michael Jackson’s hit song “Beat It” immediately began playing in my head. And that’s exactly what you can do with the aptly named Beat It! Drumstick Chopsticks. We don’t mean beat it in the figurative sense of course; rather, we want you to literally beat the bowl or that chicken drumstick on your plate before picking your food up snugly using these quirky chopsticks.

The Beat Its are more than just toys and more than just eating utensils. In fact, it might help make your kids more musically inclined as they drum to the beat of your beef stew while making mealtime more fun and enjoyable.

Beat It are 4 sets of 2 wooden chop sticks. Each chopstick is printed with the words beat it. One end of each chopstick is a regular chopstick shape while the other end of of the chopstick is in the shape of a drumstick. The drumstick shape allows for immeasurable fun at the table as well as still being quite functional.

Beat It! Drumstick Chopsticks

Beat It! Drumstick Chopsticks

  • 4 sets of 2 chopsticks
  • One end is a chopstick, one end is a drumstick
  • Made of wood
  • Functional yet funny
  • Clear plastic recyclable packaging

The Beat It! Drumstick Chopsticks are available from from $9.89.

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