Batman Bat-Cuffs Replica

Batman Bat-Cuffs Replica

If you thought the Batmobile was a bit pricey, here’s a little something to get you at least one small step closer to a life as Bruce Wayne’s secret alter ego.

One of Batman’s most famous crime-fighting gadgets is the latest addition to the JLA Trophy Room: life-sized, fully functioning Bat-Cuffs – the same size as regulation police handcuffs!

Reproduced for the first time ever as a high-quality prop replica, these metal Bat-Cuffs unlock with a special bat-shaped key. They fold in half for easy transport, or can be displayed on the included stand. Packaged in a 4-color box, the Bat-Cuffs also come with a certificate of authenticity and a second, duplicate Bat Key.

The JLA Trophy Room Batman Bat-Cuffs Replica ($136.99) is estimated to arrive in January 2009 over at the Entertainment Earth website.

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8 Responses to “Batman Bat-Cuffs Replica”

  1. Wow to be a kid again! LOL These look great. Hmmm where’s that Catwoman?

  2. So Cool Design!!!

  3. Hope it will be in my hand in the next month. LOL

  4. Wow to be a kid again! Hope it will be in my hand in the next month. LOL

  5. first 4 crisps i ate tasted pretty darn good (cinnamon). unfortunately, they left a strange taste in my mouth i could only get rid of by eating another crisp to st

  6. it has more function ,believe it could bring convenience to the user.

  7. lol,so fun,hope have one

  8. cool design

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