Ballpoint Pen with 1 GB USB Memory Drive

USB Ballpoint Pen

The Korean Digix company has released a series of ballpoint pens that comes with a built-in 1 GB USB memory drive. Simply remove the top cap to reveal the USB plug.

It uses a MLC (Multi Level Cell) flash memory technology that supports USB 2.0. The pen measures 15.5×1.4×1.3cm (6.1×0.5×0.5 inches) and is available following colors: black, blue, red, and silver.

USB Ballpoint Pen

No word on pricing so far.

(Via Aving & Akihabara News)

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  1. Nice colourful pens with great functionality. Albeit there exist many but these are quite exciting.

  2. Dear SIr,

    I would like to knew about the price of Ballpoint Pen with 1 GB USB Memory Drive and the quantity you can delivery at once to Oman.

    Best Regards

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