Bag of Rhythm Portable Audio System

Bag of Rhythm Portable Audio System

The Bag of Rhythm Portable Audio System looks like a bag, but it’s actually a complete audio system that will allow you to play your favorite tunes and beats, wherever and whenever. The bag is brought to you by the House of Marley, which was co-founded by Bob Marley’s son himself, Rohan Marley.

It’s basically an entire bag of audio tricks: it’s got 1″ tweeters, twin 4.5″ high-definition woofers and a powerful amplifier to really play your music right and do it justice. It’s also got a dock in the middle to charge up your iPhone or iPod. And just in case you’re using a non-Apple device, the auxiliary input does the trick for you.

Bag Of Rhythm

The best part? The bag is made from with FSC certified Birch wood and durable canvas–so it’s completely eco-friendly.

You don’t have to have a deep love of reggae to appreciate this complete audio speaker system from the House of Marley. The Bag of Rhythm Portable Audio System is available for purchase online for $349.99.

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  1. $349? Bag = $30, Sony 6 ” Bi-Ax Xplode Speakers = 2/$69, T-Amp 20 W x 2 Ch $30, SLA battery 12 AH $40 My Labor $0 = $169 and a much better product, but then again, my name’s not Marley.

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