Arcade Gaming Table

Arcade Gaming Table

Here we have yet another beautiful example of a coffee table that comes with a whole bunch of classic 80s arcade games hidden under the hood.

Loaded with PacMan, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Space Invaders and 44 other pre-installed timeless games, the Arcade Table is a modern take on an old classic. The Arcade Table’s compact size (26x25x23in.) and durable construction can double as a coffee table, dining table, desk, bar, or even dance stage. It will complement your home, entertain and stimulate your co-workers, impress your friends, appease your kids and even bring out your own inner child on occasion.

Arcade Gaming Table

For a limited time , the Arcade Gaming Table can be purchased through The Cool Hunter for $2,800 (discounts for bulk orders). An additional $270 will give you a fully operational, jam-resistant coin mechanism that can be adapted for international currency. And for an extra $180, the table can be altered to your desired color/finish.

Arcade Gaming Table

(Via geeksugar)

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  1. What a nostalgic trip down memory lane!

    How i miss my childhood days playing pac man or space invaders!

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