Balloon Animal Bookends

Animal Balloon Bookend

Do you want to have an animal balloon that will never pop? Here is the Balloon Animal Bookend in the classic shape of a dog.

The wonderful world of balloon art never ceases to amaze me. The only downfall with those intricately twisted, stretched, and mangled balloons is that it takes virtually nothing to pop them; a blade of grass, a pointy ring, a fingernail, spiky hair, etc. How many tears have been shed over popped balloon animals? Probably millions.

Bookend shaped like a dog balloon animal

Animal Balloon Big Top Bookend

  • Bookend shaped like a dog balloon animal
  • Qty included: 1 bookend – be sure to get enough for your needs
  • Material: resin
  • Size: 10-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ (26.5 cm x 21.5 cm x 8.5 cm)

The Balloon Animal Bookend is a solid, balloon-inspired object that won’t pop or unravel on you. It’ll even hold your books up by the strength of its balloon-spout nose. Get this bookend for carny or circus fan you know. It goes without saying that kids would love to have this playful bookend on their shelves as well.

Neatoshop sells the Animal Balloon Bookend for $39.95 each. Currently, it seems to only be available in purple. Fred Flare ($44) has both orange and purple bookends.

The Balloon Lamp is another piece of decor that won’t burst or deflate.

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