Amazing Indiana Jones Home Theater

Indiana Jones Home Theater

Remember the Death Star Home Theater from last month? The same website has a new article and slideshow about an amazing one in Indiana Jones style.

Larry and Colleen Halliday’s Indiana Jones-inspired setup includes a big screen, NEC’s HT1000 projector, and custom painting. This Canadian-based home theater features a lot of little touches that are reminiscent of Indiana Jones’ classic movie adventures…including the Holy Grail.

Head over to Electronic House and check out the The Temple of Boom.

Indiana Jones Home Theater

Thanks to Chuck McKenney at Electronic House!

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3 Responses to “Amazing Indiana Jones Home Theater”

  1. Why did you do all that work and not paint the speaker boxes? That looks awful compared to the rest of the room.

  2. Yes Bill, it’s strange that the rear speakers aren’t painted.

    Maybe they were installed just before he took the photos.

  3. indeed!those speakers must to be painted…

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