Adventure Time Cuddle Pillows

Adventure Time Cuddle Pillows

Are your throw pillows not adventurous enough? Maybe you need to replace them with these plush Adventure Time Cuddle Pillows.

Oh my glob, a lumpy Space Princess pillow! You know you’ve always wanted one. Well, at least you’ve wanted one since you first discovered who/what LSP was. What is she anyway? Though the pillow doesn’t spew out a bunch of psychobabble, she does have nice lumps that will cushion your sleepy head and whisk you off to dreamland faster that LSP scares males away.

Adventure Time Cuddle Pillow

Adventure Time Jake and Lumpy Space Princess Cuddle Pillows

  • For Ages 3 years and up
  • 16” deluxe cuddle plush pillow!
  • Super durable
  • Very soft and cuddly
  • Officially licensed Adventure Time collectible

Meanwhile, don’t forget about Jake who shape-changed into a perfectly round 16-inch pillow that’s also an ideal size for your head at naptime. Unfortunately, this Jake won’t make you any bacon pancakes but it’ll likely inspire dreams of bacon and pancakes… in which case it’d be best to have some of Mo’s Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix on hand.

The Adventure Time Cuddle Pillows are available for $31.99 each at Also available at and the Cartoon Network Shop.

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  1. Does the creepy asian come with the pillow?

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