A Green R/C Insect

R/C Insect

MegaStealth Mantis is the name of the latest model to join Insecta, HeliBug, Flying Bee, Mosquito and the other insect inspired radio-controlled toys out there.

Super superior to other insects (RC and not), the Mantis employs both electronic and mechanical gyroscopic stabilization for rock-steady hovering. The tail-rotor is also controlled by a micro motor for true yaw-axis stability. Move forward, turn left, and turn right – this bug can fly anywhere indoors.

R/C Insect

Power is supplied by an on-board Lithium Polymer battery pack, which is charged via a quick charger built into the Mantis two-stick transmitter.

The MegaStealth Mantis 2-Channel Electric R/C Insect is currently available for $49.95 over at the Edmund Scientific website.

(Via 7Gadgets)

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  1. Megastealth Mantis is now on Clearance at Edmund Scientifics (scientificsonline.com)

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