Zombie Eyes Sleep Mask

Zombie Eyes Polyester Sleep Mask

If you’ve ever had a bad case of insomnia, then you probably already know what it feels like to live like a zombie. Not that zombies are alive (and we all know they don’t exist), but you get the point. I once pulled an all-nighter not because I was doing homework or work, but because I was catching up on a Walking Dead marathon. Pretty fitting, right?

I woke up a few hours later looking like I had the Zombie Eyes Polyester Sleep Mask on–minus the green skin and the traces of blood, of course. No one wants to look like this purposely, so reserve this literally ghastly look for when you’re sleeping (with the mask on, of course.)

The Zombie Eyes Polyester Sleep Mask is fashioned from polyester with a cotton back. It’s also fitted with an elastic band that stretches to fit most heads.

Now you can join the legion of the undead whenever you’re in bed with one of these Zombie Eyes Sleep Masks. They’re available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth for $4.99.

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