Zombie Costume T-Shirts

Zombie Costume Mesh Sleeve Shirt

Whether you need a last-minute Halloween costume, a shirt for everyday life, or something nice to wear on a first date, the Zombie Costume T-Shirts are a very versatile addition to your wardrobe.

For the guys that crave brains, the Zombie Costume Mesh Sleeve T-Shirt provides you with a torso that has definitely seen better days. The image on the front of the shirt includes a knife sticking out of the chest and exposed internal organs, while the image on the back shows various claw marks and bite wounds. The mesh sleeves further enhance the illusion with maggoty, blood-soaked arms.

For the ladies who prefer a walk on the undead side, the Zombie Corset Costume Juniors T-Shirt provides an image that includes zombie-ravaged skin and a torn corset that reveals various injuries, including a splendid look at some intestines. Meanwhile, the back of the tee reveals that this girl zombie apparently encountered the same knife-wielding survivor that the guy zombie did.

Zombie Corset Costume Juniors Shirt

The Zombie Costume Mesh Sleeve T-Shirt is available for $34.99 and the Zombie Corset Costume Juniors T-Shirt is available for $31.99 at SuperHeroStuff.com.

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