Zombie Caution Sticker

Zombie Caution Sticker

What seems funny now may be all too real in the near future. The Zombie Caution Sticker make light of the fact that many of you are going to be chased down and eaten by the undead hordes of zombies that will roam the Earth after the Zombie Apocalypse. With very few of us expected to survive, signs and stickers may be too little, too late.

Have some fun and place this 4 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ sticker on areas that you expect to be hit hard by zombie infestations…like your office building or school 🙂

For those of you taking this whole end of the world thing seriously, you better start building your survival pack now and make sure to have some portable weapons like the Ka-Bar Zombie Killer Knives and Henry Compact AR-7 Rifle…and the My Big Gun Family Car Stickers are a neat way to show people you’re ready.

Get your Zombie Caution Sticker for only $2.99 at Hot Topic and start working on your cardio. Available as a poster at Amazon.com for $5.99.

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