Wireless Luggage Finder

Wireless Luggage Finder

What’s worse than getting up-close-and-personal with airport security when heading into an airport? Dealing with the hassle of finding your luggage before you leave. There’s no way to avoid touchy-feely security at the moment, but the Wireless Luggage Finder makes keeping up with your bags a stress-free piece of cake.

The Finder is a patented electronic luggage tag with a built-in wireless transmitter that works with a wireless key chain recognition device. While your hanging around the crowded baggage carousel wondering where you can get a high-priced cup of coffee, the key chain will sound, flash, and vibrate when your suitcase gets within 20 meters.

The system uses unique and individual codes so you never have to worry about a false alarm and special electric photo sensors automatically de-activate the Luggage Finder when its in the cargo area of the plane by measuring factors like light, altitude, and noise.

The replaceable battery is good for approximately 100 hours and the special luggage tag is both CE and FCC approved.

Take the stress out of keeping up with your luggage by getting the Wireless Luggage Finder for $24.95 from X-Treme Geek.

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