Want/Need Glass

Want/Need Glass

The world that we live in today is filled with people living the “want” culture. The things we “need” today aren’t things that were needed a few decades ago; in essence, they’re all just wants that eventually became such a big part of our lives that we feel like we can’t live without them. But the Want/Need Glass is here to teach us all a lesson.

Case in point? Mobile phones, iPods, and computers. Need I say more?

It was refreshing to see Alesina Design come up with the Want/Need Glass to remind us to keep our excessive lifestyles in check. Do you really need another sweater? Do you really need the newest Nintendo video game console?

Want/Need Glass

Aside from that, it also makes a good gag gift for the unsuspecting colleague or friend.

These great-for-laughs Want/Need Glasses are available for $30 from Alesina Design.


  1. “Case in point? Mobile phones, iPods, and COMPUTERS. Need I say more?”

    Your article was written on a computer.

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