TV Dinner Style Metal Serving Tray

TV Dinner Style Metal Serving Tray

We all know that TV dinners are as unhealthy as instant meals can get. Yet they manage to give the illusion that they’re healthy, well-rounded meals because of the portions on it: there’s the main course, a vegetable side dish, maybe some low-calorie dessert to finish everything off.

But not all TV dinners are unhealthy–provided they aren’t frozen to begin with, that is. What I mean are dinners that you actually cook and prepare in your home, but serve up in the TV Dinner Style Metal Serving Tray instead.

It’s a fun and different way to serve up meals and portion everything on various compartments on the tray in order to keep them separate.

Go retro and serve your meals in the TV Dinner Style Metal Serving Tray that is reminiscent of the TV styled dinners of the 60s and 70s. Available in March from Entertainment Earth for your classic dining pleasure for $8.99 each.

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