Tree Bench

Tree Bench

A park with too many benches all over the place wouldn’t make for a very pleasing sight. But a park with too few benches doesn’t really make it that people-friendly at all, right? If you’re hosting an event and expect a lot of people to come, then you’d have to bring in a whole lot of chairs because all those people won’t be too pleased if they had to stand the whole night.

This is why I think the Tree Bench is such a fitting solution. You can’t exactly call it portable, because it’s not exactly something you can take around with you whenever you want to. But it’s handy in the sense that you can bring a whole bunch of them and put them up in about ten minutes each.

Tree Bench

They’re called Tree Benches for a simple reason: using a unique suspension system, you’re supposed to harness them on trees. So in essence, the tree trunks serve as the support for the benches. A smart idea, right?

You never know when these Tree Benches might make an appearance at your local park. But in case you want one for your own use, you can contact Rogier to inquire about the price.

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