TRAMP-It Jump Shoes

TRAMP-It Jump Shoes

Run faster! Jump higher! We all want to do it, which is why countless cartoons and TV shows have featured cool spring shoes that allow you to hop like a kangaroo. Although there have been other real versions of this spring loaded shoes idea over the years, most of them are just fantasy on television shows. However, the TRAMP-It Jump Shoes are definitely for real.

TRAMP-It Jump Shoes are adjustable, so you can adjust the size for the ideal fit. There is also an adjustment to switch between walking and running modes. Although I think most people are just looking at these in terms of the fun they can have jumping high and bouncing around, they promise to be good for strengthening leg muscles, improving balance, and boosting endurance.

TRAMPIt Jump Shoes

TRAMP-It Jump Shoes

  • The trampoline under your feet
  • Adjustable spring adapts to the body weight
  • Quick lacing system with additional click-fastener
  • Adjustable size, breathable base shoe
  • Trains endurance and coordination
  • Increases oxygen supply
  • Strengthens muscles and tissues
  • Burns calories
  • Reduces neck and back pain
  • For children and adults

Pre-order TRAMP-It Jump Shoes for £99.99 small, £109.99 medium, or £119.99 large at


  1. Hey James would it be possible to compact the spring more like a metal tong size into the shoe for stability and everyday use. it would have the same design effect just more practical for a larger user base.

    • That sounds plausible with the right R&D, but GeekAlerts wouldn’t recommend any modifications without guidance from the manufacturer since it could lead to serious injury.

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