The Ultimate Hi-Fi Bling Bling

Geek Bling Bling

We have already covered some lovely geek jewelry here at GeekAlerts. Like the Retro, Transformers, Apple and Clockpunk ones. Now it’s time to let the audiophiles get a chance to dress up in some serious Hi-Fi bling bling:


Boombox Gold

Are you the retro kind of type, suffering from a twisted spine after after all those hours with the Boombox on your shoulder? Here you go:



Maybe you’ve dropped your old bulky boombox long ago. Your only concern now is the long working hours after a severe case of alles newus ipodmodellus mustus I havus. Hey, have we got bling for you:



Maybe you have come to the conclusion that “Nothing sounds better than vinyl, as long as you cover all other electronic devices in tin foil.” It’s your opinion and there’s no reason to why you should have to go bling naked:

Speakers & Headphones

Speaker Bling

Or maybe you just couldn’t care less about if it’s a boombox, iPod or turntable. As long as it sounds, right? Say it with some speaker bling:

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