The BarberBot

The BarberBot

PostlerFerguson, a design consultancy located in London, UK, has created the “Life Machines” concept – a look at a possible future society in which humans and robots coexist.

Life Machines engages with the question of how an ageing population’s needs can be met through technology. It investigates a possible future society in which humans and robots coexist in domestic spaces and asks what issues arise in a symbiotic relationship between humans and technology.

Questions about what kind of compromises and adjustments will have to be made are explored through scenarios of everyday routines in the relationship of an ageing individual and a robot. The design of domestic objects that reflect the needs of both machines and humans becomes a tool for exploring the human condition and our fascination with using technology to recreate ourselves.

Visit for more photos and other interesting work.

The BarberBot

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  1. First robots that play violin next they take over the world!!!!!!!!This robot stuff is really getting out of hand!!!!:(

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