Glass Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse

December 18, 2011 James Kelly 1

Well this proves it, the future is now. The Glass Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse is something you’d expect to see on the big screen in blockbuster sci-fi movies; it’s not something that you’d think you could actually get your hands on. Well, this Kickstarter program […]


Hoverboard Prop

July 25, 2008 Robert Birming 6

The hoverbaord from the movie “Back to the Future II” is like the Star Wars lightsabers in a way – it’s one of those props that you so much want(ed) to become reality one of these days.

No Picture

The BarberBot

January 8, 2008 Robert Birming 3

PostlerFerguson, a design consultancy located in London, UK, has created the “Life Machines” concept – a look at a possible future society in which humans and robots coexist.