Tetris Duct Tape Wallet

Testris Duct Tape Wallet

Remember the Space Invaders Duct Tape Wallet from a couple of days ago. KMC Designs has now made a Tetris style version.

The tetris duct tape wallet is here! This wallet is perfect for anybody who loves duct tape or tetris!! It is of course, 100% duct tape, even the tetris pieces! The colours of the pieces are loosely based on SRS (Tetris Worlds and Tetris DS) colours. There are 2 flaws with this wallet, but they cancel each other out (thanks to my geeky house mates for pointing them out!). The pieces are light blue, red, green, yellow, purple and orange. Please do not take the tetris pieces off as they will start to loose their stick! If you leave them in place they should last as long as the wallet!

Of course, the Tetris Duct Tape Wallet sold out as soon as it was up in KMC Designs’s shop over at Etsy. But there’s more to come…

Reader comment: KMCdesigns says,

Ok, I am giving you the heads up here, the tetris wallet has just been listed this minute! Pac-Man style wallet will be up in the next half an hour too!


  1. It’s currently sold out I’m afraid. But who knows, maybe KMC Designs can create a few new ones if you ask them nicely. 🙂

    Simply follow the link in the news above.

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