Team Right Shark T-Shirt

Team Right Shark Shirt

For those who want to be right even when they’re wrong, there’s the Team Right Shark T-Shirt.

Do you ever feel a little out of step? Maybe a little lost? Do you ever get the feeling that people are laughing at you and not with you? If so, you are not alone because Right Shark has your back.

Being a member of Team Right Shark gives you the right to step out on a dance floor (or on stage with Katy Perry) and flail around like a maniac. Later, you can calmly and confidently tell everyone you meant to do that. Is it the truth? Only you and Right Shark will know.

The image was created by the artist known as fishbiscuit.

Team Right Shark T-Shirt

The Team Right Shark T-Shirt is available for $19.95 at NeatoShop.

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