Tape Gun Dispenser

You won’t really be able to do much damage with the Tape Gun Dispenser. In fact, inflicting grave bodily harm is out of the question, but it can help you out when you find yourself in some “sticky” situations.

This isn’t a real gun, but it’s patterned after an actual .45 caliber pistol. Even then, I still don’t think it’s a very good idea to be stowing this in your luggage or bag when you’re planning to take a trip on board a plane. Just in case.

You don’t have any bullets or ammunition here, just tape. But the gun isn’t just for novelty purposes, per se. It can actually help you get things done by letting you stick tape and attach stuff together with just one hand.

Tape Gun Dispenser

You know how it is with the dispensers scotch tape normally comes in. You tear off a piece of tape and as you try to get it on the package it gets all twisty and turn and stuck to itself. Talk about aggravating. But with this functional tape dispenser, you can apply the adhesive tape with just one hand. The Tape Gun allows you to do all your sealing in just one shot.

The Tape Gun Dispenser is available from Baron Bob for $9.95. (Update: Link removed because the website is gone and we were unable to find this product still being sold anywhere else.)

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