Suicide Squad Katana Girls Jacket

Get ready to take some souls with the razor-sharp fashion of the Suicide Squad Katana Girls Jacket. Based on the jacket worn by Karen Fukuhara as Katana in Suicide Squad, this jacket features gold flower detailing and a red tie in the back, along with […]


Suicide Squad Panda Poster

Harley Quinn. Deadshot. Killer Croc. Katana. Panda Man. Wait! Panda Man? Yes! He might not be part of Task Force X but the Suicide Squad Panda Poster proves that a giant machine-gun-toting panda does make an appearance in Suicide Squad. You love the Panda. So […]


Harley Quinn Puddin Girls T-Shirt

Do you suffer from mad love or do you revel in the insanity unleashed when you’re with that special someone? The Harley Quinn Puddin Girls T-Shirt lets everyone know you’re not really Harley Quinn. You just act like her every now and then. This 100% […]


Harley Quinn Varsity Jacket

It’s time to leave the red and blue world of Suicide Squad for a little classic color with the Harley Quinn Varsity Jacket. 50% red. 50% black. 100% Harley Quinn. Featuring the classic colors of Harley Quinn’s iconic harlequin costume, this varsity jacket also includes […]


Suicide Squad Mad Love T-Shirt

The Joker and Harley Quinn get all romantic on the Suicide Squad Mad Love T-Shirt. Based on Jared Leto’s Joker and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, this faded black tee features the clown prince of crime and the mistress of mayhem as they […]


Suicide Squad Damaged Joker T-Shirt

It’s time to get your smile on with the Suicide Squad Damaged Joker T-Shirt, and there’s never been a smile that looks as creepy as this one. Jared Leto’s Joker can’t hide his glee on this eye-catching tee that includes a knife-impaled Batman logo and […]


Suicide Squad Panda Man T-Shirt

Forget about Harley Quinn because a new breakout star has been revealed on the Suicide Squad Panda Man T-Shirt. You’ve probably seen a few Suicide Squad trailers by now. You’ve seen Harley Quinn steal a purse, Batman cling to the top of a car, and […]