Life Size Alien Figure

3 Cool Life-Size Sci-Fi Collectibles

If the 7-Foot Battlestar Galactica Cylon Figure wasn’t enough to satisfy your sci-fi collectibles needs, here are three more cool characters to choose from. R2-D2 & C-3PO Both figures will include light and sound function, for the most ‘real’ experience possible. Details on the sound […]

No Picture

Weird Darth Vader Statue

I don’t know – after having seen Darth Vader in the shape of Christmas ornaments and a talking Christmas stocking, maybe a statue of Darth Vader wearing a Santa’s hat while creating a Death Star snow sculpture is just the next logical step.

Nintendo Mario Gadgets

Mario x 3

Here’s a quick compilation of three new Mario related products. Fire Mario 50cm Statue (Update: Link removed because the page no longer exists.) Following on the success of the first Mario statue, manufacturer Wecle Ats has started preorders for a Fire Mario variant which also […]

LEGO’s Ultimate Collectors Motorized Walking AT-AT

Star Wars x 3

A summary of three Star Wars related news from the last couple of days: LEGO’s Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon Unboxed Remember that Millennium Falcon LEGO set we covered a month ago? Gizmodo has a series of pictures from the unboxing ceremony. LEGO’s Ultimate Collectors Motorized […]