Space Roller Futuristic Dice

Make no mistake. The Space Roller Futuristic Dice ain’t yo daddy’s dice. So you’re playing a RPG game filled with starships and lasers and aliens who want to wear your skin as a housecoat, but you’re using dice that came from a Yahtzee game. Not […]


Eggbot Egg Cup

Take him to your leader… because the leader is hungry. The Eggbot Egg Cup has arrived to take over the planet by delivering an awesome weapon of goodness designed to conquer your tastebuds. Eggs are yummy, but eggs being held by tiny robots while you […]

Sexy Robot 001 in Pink Bathing Suit

Sexy Robot 001 in Pink Bathing Suit

Need something a little different to lust over? Sexy Robot 001 in Pink Bathing Suit has you covered with lots of visible silver goodness, and you don’t have to worry about your significant other getting jealous because – well, because the Sexy Robot isn’t real. […]

Life Size Alien Figure

3 Cool Life-Size Sci-Fi Collectibles

If the 7-Foot Battlestar Galactica Cylon Figure wasn’t enough to satisfy your sci-fi collectibles needs, here are three more cool characters to choose from. R2-D2 & C-3PO Both figures will include light and sound function, for the most ‘real’ experience possible. Details on the sound […]