Flash TV Series Reverse Flash ArtFX+ Statue

Eobard Thawne races into your room, your life, your very heart, with the Flash TV Series Reverse Flash ArtFX+ Statue. Standing approximately 6 1/2-inches tall, this highly-detailed statue is based on Barry Allen’s arch-nemesis, the Man In The Yellow Suit AKA Reverse-Flash. In addition to […]


Reverse Flash Rev Run T-Shirt

One of the fastest men alive is ready to accelerate your wardrobe with the Reverse Flash Rev Run T-Shirt. Is it Eobard Thawne (aka Professor Zoom) or Hunter Zolomon in the yellow suit on this 100% cotton tee? It doesn’t matter because Reverse Flash looks […]


Flash Opposing Forces T-Shirt

Flash and Reverse-Flash. You can’t get much more opposite than that, and the Flash Opposing Forces T-Shirt brings the two time-crossed enemies together with artistic style. I’ll be honest. When Reverse Flash appeared in the comics, I thought he was the lamest villain ever created. […]