Gotham’s Original Gangsters T-Shirt

Four classic villains of Gotham City will help you rock some old-school style with the Gotham’s Original Gangsters T-Shirt. There have been plenty of villains to terrorize Batman over the years, from the nightmare-inducing Scarecrow to the back-breaking Bane, but this 50% cotton 50% polyester […]


Batman Penguin Bust Bank

The Penguin is crazy like all of the other Gotham villains, but he does know how to save money. Now he wants to help you with this Batman Penguin Bust Bank. Oswald Cobblepot’s alter-ego is now an awesome bank for your desk or shelf. This […]


Classic Penguin Maquette

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot is captured with some cool retro style on Tweeterhead’s Classic Penguin Maquette. The first in the new Batman Classic Collection, this 11.5-inch-tall statue features a Penguin inspired by the art of Bob Kane and Dick Sprang, complete with 1940s style tuxedo, top […]


Judge Dredd Cosplay Penguin

I am the law… in Antarctica! The Judge Dredd Cosplay Penguin will send a chill down your spine, but not because he’s scary; the little guy keeps cranking the AC down to sub-zero temps. Standing 4.5-inches-tall, this PVC statuette features a cosplaying penguin dressed as […]

Batman Villain PopArt Shirt

Batman Villain PopArt T-Shirt

What would happen if the mugshots of Batman’s Rogue Gallery was transformed into art? You’d probably get something that looks a lot like the Batman Villain PopArt T-Shirt, featuring some of the iconic villains that created various levels of mischief and destruction in Gotham City […]

The Avenging Narwhal

Avenging Narwhal

Forget about Great White Sharks, killer squids, and all those other lame ocean animals that seek death and destruction for all land-dwellers because the Avenging Narwhal has arrived on the scene. The narwhal, which also happens to occasionally be called a narwhale, is actually a […]