Solar Orbit Necklace

Solar Orbit Necklace

This Solar Orbit Necklace puts the solar system around your neck and creates a dazzling show. It is so complete that it includes the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It makes a great gift for anyone who loves space. Solar Orbit Necklace Solar Orbit […]


Orbit Planet Clock

Telling time can become an out-of-this-world experience with the Orbit Planet Clock, as three planets and the sun help keep track of the passing minutes and hours. Designed to look like a miniature solar system (minus a few planets), this unique clock uses magnets to […]



Introducing Orbitwheels, a close cousin of the Skatecycle shown in an earlier post. These curious contraptions are modernized skates that don’t require lacing up and are more compact than roller blades. All you need are two feet. Step one foot into the middle of each wheel’s foot rest and […]