Firefly Mal Rainmaker Shirt

Sometimes he’s a bad guy, sometimes he’s a big d*mn hero, but he’s always at his charming best. Let some of Malcolm Reynolds’ charm rub off on you with the Firefly Mal Rainmaker Shirt. Made of 100% Polyester ClimaCool Mesh (the same material used by […]


Firefly Legacy Series Action Figures

Browncoats know the only truly accurate way to describe these Firefly Legacy Series Action Figures is… shiny! Don’t take the sky from me, and don’t take these 6-inch-tall figures, either. Firefly came and went way too soon but now you can create your own ‘Verse-shaking […]


Outlaws T-Shirt

Even outlaws, scoundrels, and other trouble-makers occasionally become heroes, and three of the most geektastic ones are on the Outlaws T-Shirt. Created by artist Andrew Kwan, and available in Dark Chocolate, Navy Blue, and Royal Blue, this tee features Firefly’s Captain Mal, Star Wars’ Han […]


Malcolm Reynolds Dog Tags

If you are cosplaying as Malcolm Reynolds, you need more than just good looks and an accurate outfit. You are going to need these Malcolm Reynolds Dog Tags. These Malcolm Reynolds dog tag necklaces are officially-licensed and officially awesome. They have Reynolds’ rank, brigade number, […]