Wireless Page To TV Magnifier

Wireless Page to TV Magnifier

Mega-huge TV screens and eReaders that let us adjust font size have allowed our eyes to take a break but our orbs still sweat when reading tiny print in books and magazines. The Wireless Page to TV Magnifier lets us finally toss aside those reading […]

Kabuki Auto Focus Opera Glasses

Kabuki Auto-Focus Opera Glasses

Is Opera still a thing? If you answered yes and are still sadly shaking your head because I don’t know that, or if you happen to be into the Steampunk scene, you’ll want to get your hands on the Kabuki Auto-Focus Opera Glasses. Opera only […]

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EyeClops Handheld Bionic Eye

Here’s a little something to give you that Schwarzeneggerish feel before heading down to the beach. A quick look at your Jolt body through the EyeClops Bionic Eye ($50) will take your ego to new dimensions. Take an eye-popping peek at the world around you […]