X-Men Magneto Maquette

Sometimes he’s an ally while other times he’s a villain, but the X-Men Magneto Maquette shows that the master of magnetism is always willing to defend mutant rights; regardless of who or what he has to destroy. Limited to just 1250 pieces, this resin figure […]


X-Men Magneto Simple Dress

Why rely just on your magnetic personality to get attention when the X-Men Magneto Simple Dress can also be used to draw all eyes your way? The sometimes villain/sometimes hero/sometimes anti-hero known as Magneto might be the master of magnetism but he also has a […]


Marvel Now X-Men Magneto ArtFX Statue

The master of magnetism strikes an intimidating pose with the Marvel Now X-Men Magneto ArtFX Statue. Based on the Marvel Now version of Magneto, the statue wears black and silver instead of the more familiar red and purple he’s usually associated with but the styling […]


X-Men Classic Pop! Vinyl Figures

Celebrate the classic stylings of the X-Men Classic Pop! Vinyl Figures, featuring costumes that will be easily recognizable to X-fans that were following the mutant team long before they became a big screen sensation. These 3 3/4-inch-tall figures are rocking some classic looks with costumes […]


Magneto Costume Hoodie

You might not gain mastery over magnetism but the Magneto Costume Hoodie will definitely pull all eyes towards you, and your magnetic personality can do the rest when it comes to assembling your own Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The 100% cotton hoodie resembles the colorful […]