LED Flashing Sweetheart Kit

LED Flashing Sweetheart Kit

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you need to get something that your Geek or Geekette will appreciate. Sure you could stay traditional and do flowers and a Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Chocolate Bar, but don’t you think your significant other deserves a […]

usb snowbot

USB Snowbot

Don’t let the holiday season pass you bye. This futuristic USB Snobot will keep you in the holiday mood long after the snow has come and gone. Available at ThinkGeek and Firebox, this USB powered snowman looks like he borrowed KITT’s LED laser eye and […]

LEGO LED Brick Light

LEGO Brick LED Light

If you need a bit of extra light on your counter when you’re building LEGOs, you need this LEGO Brick LED Light. It is actually easily mountable almost anywhere, such as under shelves or on a wall, because there is a separate mounting plate. Just […]

Motherboard Xmas Tree

LED Motherboard Christmas Tree

Christmas trees and motherboards have some things in common. They’re both green and look better when studded with sparkly LED lights. If you’d rather deck the halls with boards and circuits, here’s a 7-inch LED Motherboard Christmas Tree that’ll channel your inner Clark Griswold. Beep boop beep! The traditional Christmas tree gets a […]

Liquid Light Speakers

Dancing Water Computer Speakers

Do you wish you were standing in front of the glorious Bellagio fountains in Vegas right about now? Would you settle for a dancing water show right on top of your desk? Having a pair of these Dancing Water Computer Speakers won’t astound you like the Bellagio fountains. However, the […]

LED 8-Bit Christmas Wreath

8-Bit LED Christmas Wreath

When it comes to geek Christmas decorations, it doesn’t get much better than this 8-Bit LED Christmas Wreath. It has a pixelated 8-bit design, it includes retro video game objects (like a controller, cherries, and a mushroom with a Santa hat), and it features flickering […]