Half-Life Headcrab Hat

Have you already tortured yourself enough by getting your face eaten with the Alien Facehugger Plush? Don’t blame the plush, it’s lonely and isn’t happy being friendless in its earthly home. Make things better by getting the Alien Facehugger a companion with the Half-Life Headcrab […]


Shrek Baby Beanie

Babies and little kids can sometimes act like little ogres. They can look like innocent angels on the outside, but once you turn your back, they’re either getting ready to do some mischief or are in the middle of a little prank. So why not […]

U.S. Navy Seals Clothing

U.S. Navy Seals Shirts, Hats and Hoodies

Information related to Osama Bin Laden being killed is overwhelming world-wide news outlets right now. Even here on GeekAlerts, the last few entries have been related to that news, even though these posts really aren’t about gizmos, gadgets, design, or geekiness. It’s just that this […]

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Pac-Man Hat

What could be better than wearing a Pac-Man Plush-Head ($30) together with the Space Invaders Tie to show your love for retro games? Only available at clubNAMCO. Imported from Japan. Limited quantities available. Available in Adult and Child sizes. Measurements: Adult size – approximately 12″ […]