Batman Dawning T-Shirt

Forget about the dawn of justice because the Batman Dawning T-Shirt features the dawn of the Dark Knight. Artist silentOp brings us an eye-catching image that features the armored Batman from Batman v Superman within the cityscape of Gotham City, with a rough, almost graffiti-style […]


Batman v Superman Batmobile Diorama

Batman v Superman had its fair share of problem (Martha, CGI Doomsday, Jesse ‘Lex Luthor’ Eisenberg) but the Batman v Superman Batmobile Diorama reveals one of the more awesome bits of BvS. Measuring approximately 10-inches in length, this wicked road machine has come a long […]


Wonder Woman Premium Format Figure

The mighty Amazon warrior of Themyscira is ready to fight alongside the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel with the Wonder Woman Premium Format Figure. Based on Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the 20-inch-tall statue features […]


Wonder Woman Polystone Statue

Diana Prince is dressed for battle with the Wonder Woman Polystone Statue. She’ll be on the big screen with her origin story in Wonder Woman but Gal Gadot’s Amazon warrior has already made a huge impression with fans after appearing in Batman v Superman: Dawn […]


Batman Blazer

Let your geek flag fly – but in a stealthy way – with the Batman Blazer. You love Batman, and that’s perfectly understandable. After all, we’re talking about a guy without super powers who can go toe to toe with the Man of Steel. But […]


Knightmare Batman Sixth-Scale Figure

The apocalypse has come and the Knightmare Batman Sixth-Scale Figure is ready for it. Bruce Wayne’s vision of a world ruled by Superman is a dark one but the Dark Knight continues to fight for what’s right. Standing 12.59-inches tall and based on Ben Affleck’s […]